Ethereum: Analysts are confident about a new rally on the road to $500!

Last night, Ethereum had a $40 drop to its current value but analysts still believe that the asset is going to have a new “price” rally setting its next target to $500.

Another important thing to notice is that experts are sharing charts where ETH seems to have space to move towards $500 and possibly reach up to $900! They insist that yesterday’s loss was just to alarm investors that a new rally is about to start.

Is 1st of December the day for a big change at the Crypto world?

One of the reasons that could light the fire for a strong bullish attack could be the new update “Ethereum 2.0” that is launching soon, which can be characterized as a significant milestone for the second most powerful asset.

Core developers of ETH, are confident about this protocol release as it could play a major role for the whole Blockchain industry. Some of the things that is going to be implemented on the big update are stability, secureness and scalability.

However, there might be a change to the release date as the team of ETH has set as minimum mark the number of 524,288 ETH which seems to be impossible to me made until the deadline as only 19% (at the time of writing) of the total amount has been accumulated. Of course this could change the whole concept of the way people are investing to Ethereum as the idea of a big update might encourage investors to buy more!

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